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“The best way to deal with a work injury is to prevent it before it begins.”

Most work injuries can be prevented, often by simple, cost-effective interventions.  Workers who present for treatment from a work-related injury will often talk about the feeling of pain or discomfort for a period of time before it actually became a problem.  The timely application of an exercise or stretching program targeted at the specific area may fix the problem before it begins.

The Work Place Injury Prevention Progrma (WIPP) has been used effectively by various industries over a number of years to:-

  • Reduce lost time injury
  • Reduce Work Cover expenses
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduce common law exposure

Statistics show that implementation of the WIPP caused a 90% reduction of lost time injuries in the first 12 months.

This turns a ‘lose – lose’ situation into a ‘win – win’.

Our physiotherapists are experts at identifying and treating workplace injury, and implementing risk management strategies to prevent ongoing problems.

These include: -

  • Onsite injury assessment and treatment
  • Ergonomic evaluations/advice
  • Safe lifting/handling seminars