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Neck Pain Relief in South or North Brisbane

Whether your neck pain originates from an injury or a pinched nerve, you need a qualified physiotherapist who can provide relief quickly. At Physiotherapy Sports & Rehab Clinic, physiotherapy specialist Tony McNamee can help.

Get Relief Fast

Neck pain can be constant, intermittent or even only occasional. But no matter what, you shouldn't have to live your life this way.

Tony McNamee can help diagnose, treat and provide therapy for your neck pain.

First, he assesses any sensory, motor or psychological impairments. Then, based on the cause of your neck pain, he can provide customised treatments that can help you recover quickly.

Treatments for neck pain include the following:

  • Manual therapy techniques such as mobilisation and spinal manipulation
  • Exact exercise prescription
  • Abnormal movement pattern correction
  • Postural irregularities correction

When you need neck pain relief fast, you can count on Tony McNamee.

Choose a Specialised Physiotherapist

When you need relief for your neck pain, you want the best treatment possible from a trained physiotherapist.

Tony McNamee is the perfect match. He is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and a Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (MAPA).

As a Fellow of the College of Physiotherapists (FACP) since 2007 and with 30 years of experience, Tony McNamee is an expert with neck pain relief. And whether you're 25 or 65, he can help.

Let Tony McNamee provide you the relief you need now.

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When neck pain haunts your life, you need a solution quick. Let Physiotherapy Sports & Rehab Clinic help. Quality care and fast-working neck pain relief are only a call away.

We have two locations to better serve you: Ashgrove in North Brisbane and Moorooka in South Brisbane.

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