Physiotherapy Sports and Rehab Clinic


Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Services Available in South Brisbane

Physiotherapy Sports and Rehab Clinic provides rehabilitation to all compensable bodies, including WorkCover, Third Party insurers (eg motor vehicle injuries), Medicare - EPC treatment and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).


If you have injured yourself at work and require physiotherapy treatment then our clinic will provide your treatment at no cost to you. You will require a medical certificate from your GP referring you for physiotherapy, which will need to be current, in order for WorkCover to cover your costs.

Third Party Insurance

If you have injured yourself in an accident that is covered by insurance (eg motor vehicle accident or a slip/fall) then our clinic will provide your treatment at no cost to you.

For this to occur we will need prior approval from the insurer, that they will cover your costs.

Medicare - EPC

Under the new Medicare - Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) arrangements you can receive up to five physiotherapy consultations in a year, subsidised by Medicare.

Your condition needs to be chronic and complex (assessed by your G.P) and have a specific referral from the GP for EPC treatment.  For more information about the EPC program, talk to your physiotherapist or G.P, or go to the Medicare Australia website:, or call Medicare on 132 011.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

If you are eligible under the DVA entitlements then we will provide your treatment at no cost to you.  You will require a referral from your G.P and to have a gold or white DVA entitlement card.  DVA also provide for any accessories that you may require such as walking aids, braces, supports etc.